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Karen Lee SobolVery healthy for most of her life, at age fifty six Karen Lee Sobol received a shocking diagnosis.

A rare incurable blood cancer raged through her. Unwilling to accept conventional chemotherapy, she chose to enroll in a clinical trial.

For twelve weeks, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, she received an experimental, biology-based drug. Enlisting traditional and Holistic healing techniques to supplement aggressive medical treatment, over time Karen Lee became cancer-free. Her experience marks a breakthrough in medical science.

With compassion and humor, Twelve Weeks takes the reader inside the world of cancer, and the people, thoughts, and emotions that led to Karen Lee's decision to believe in her recovery and return to good health. With hope in her heart, she illustrates her story with her art.

Useful as a medical, emotional, and spiritual guide for people experiencing cancer, treating it, or seeking to cure it, Twelve Weeks offers both information and inspiration.