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"Thank you for writing Twelve Weeks. Not only did your book give a powerful positive testimony, you included resources to help others on their journeys." —T.H.

"...thank you for the time you put into writing the book and sharing your tale." —F.B.

"(My husband and I) read Twelve Weeks hungrily and found it inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story. My husband has both WM and Parkinson's and this book will go to a friend with the same combination." —F.H.

"The strength of Twelve Weeks is in its thoughtful description of the emotional content of every twist in the (long) road. For people, and especially medical students, who have never dealt with adversity in this way, I think it can serve as a helpful exposure to the human side of medical care." —A.B., MD

"Your courage, your willingness to share and connect and your ultimate defiance of death is absolutely awe inspiring." —T.L.

"Your story is incredibly moving and inspiring....An uplifting book for the creative mind and for the sick, incorporating your beautiful paintings alongside your encouraging words...a truly fresh look at the inspirational memoir genre." —S.A.

"I just watched the 2011 WM Summit DVDs...I was profoundly moved by your presentation and cannot wait to read your book." —S.W.

"I want to thank you for writing such a very insightful and most poignant book...that will bring hope as well as a different perception to people that have received the dreaded "C" diagnosis. I think your adoption of alternative treatments as well as the use of state-of-the-art medical treatment will help people to feel that perhaps they have some influence on their prognosis...It really should be mandatory reading for medical doctors." —C.B.

"...incredibly fascinating and poignantly written..." —R.M., MD

"Your book came on Saturday and I finished reading it Sunday afternoon. What an amazing adventure you were on!!!!...Thank God for the results....Thank you for writing your experiences so that all of us may have hope." —T.H.

"You have an honest and captivating writing style, that has made me feel as though I have invaded your home and been sitting on your shoulder throughout your journey....Your artwork is a great representation of your experience...I plan on passing on your book to a fellow colleague of mine in clinical research, who is undergoing cancer treatments herself." —S.G.

"...a remarkable book and a remarkable story, but most of all I loved the fact that your grace, charm and elegance were very much in evidence throughout the book...your courage in dealing with that situation was exceptional, and I think courage is an entity in rather small supply in our society." —I.H.F., MD

"Those who are facing the struggle of cancer treatment, and those who live through it will find kinship and hope in this book. Cancer patients will also find solace and wisdom in (your) account of (your) difficult journey. Hope rewarded and personal inspiration are abundant throughout." —C.S.

"...the book is simply remarkable, to say nothing of the journey you took to rid yourself of the most awful six letter word I know." —F.P.

"As if it weren't enough that you bring dramatic new hope for conquering cancer, Twelve Weeks brings all of us right into the heart of the present moment where liberation and joy abide." —D.A.

" wishes with your fine book! I am sure it will be a most helpful resource for any people who are experiencing cancer and having to go through a similar course of treatment. You are generous to share your life's experience with others." —D.D.