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before 2
before 1
before 3

As I worked, a new color palette appeared. For some paintings, hot pink served as background; against it, I spattered drops of red enamel or splashed jagged branches of black ink. Visceral images pulsed like my over-worked heart. Other canvases had backgrounds of shimmering whites, also clawed by red and black.

during 1
during 2
during 3

The drugs made me feel woozy and uncomfortable. Forcing both my mind and my hand to draw killed the energy and spontaneity that’s a hallmark of my work. Stilted line-work felt awful to make, and looked even worse. After one sickly page, I stopped. For me, the infusion room wasn’t going to double as studio space.

after 1
after 2
after 3

As we looked at the work together, a realization came. On the pages, I saw myself and my spirit. The setting, as I’d interpreted it, depicted the isolation I’d felt as a patient in the infusion room, and the feelings of the experience.

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